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Visit the Wall-Walkers “KITTENRY” at spcaLA Animal Shelter, El Dorado Park, Long Beach, Ca.



magazineFeatured in CAT FANCY magazine as the “Best Big Idea for Small Spaces & Large Homes.”


Voted “Favorite Feline Feature” in many new Designer Homes and is the

Original“Feline Vertical Playground.”







Cats Walk On Walls

With New Product

Now anyone can create their own Cat Habitat on the Wall!



Beverly Hills, CA

Local Beverly Hills Artist and Product Designer “CatMan-River” has an “Artistic Passion for Pussycats.” He’s come up with a creative cat habitat that easily screws to the wall. No more need for cat trees covered with bacteria filled carpet taking up space on the floor. Wall-Walkers Cat Habitat is Easy-to-Install and Easy-to-Clean. It even adds pet real estate to your home by utilizing un-used wall space the clean and eco-friendly way. Cats can enjoy their own vertical playground in every room.


CatMan says: “Cats like Fun and Exercise just like we do.  Most cats just lie around, eat and sleep. Wall-Walkers are Fun, it provides a good workout, covers all their needs and is Feng-Shui too.”


According to expert Yvonne Phillips, author of the book Feng-Shui ABC, “Cats emit a strong, positive form of energy in your home because they are constantly in motion. Lively pets represent vibrant energy. There is no better Feng-Shui for your home than an animal running around spreading positive Chi and generating more good energy around you.”  So, when you give your cats the Feng-Shui approved Wall-Walkers Cat Habitat it can help change the energy flow in a room and give your cats a place for their “Chi.


Cats and Kittens love climbing up the SCRATCH LADDER that leads to a BRIDGE that extends to a QUEEN PERCH with Stainless Steel Feeding Bowls that don’t fall off. After a snack cats can run up to the BABY PERCH and play with a fun hanging toy. When it’s time to rest kitty can take a break in a NAP~NET-sleeping loft hanging under another Perch. Wall-Walkers are great for small spaces and large homes.




Kelly Breaux ~ Professional Fitness Trainer from: HOOP-IT-UP-WORLDWIDE


Kelly says: “My little cat  Louis loves his Wall-Walkers Cat Habitat. Once I showed him how to walk up the Bridge I placed some catnip in the NAP~NET and the Cat Grass and suddenly he went for it.  I’ve never seen anything on the market that gives my cat Fun & Fitness like Wall-Walkers Cat Habitat. This product ROCKS!!”


The easy, patented system is available in 3 Designer Colors and MADE IN USA with Quality Bent Woods and Eco-Friendly Materials, Machine Washable Organic Cotton Canvas and Recycled Rubber.  Cat Perches have Multiple Bridge, Bed and Bowl Connections so you can design any configuration you like.




Lisa Schneiderman ~ Public Relations Professional,


Lisa says: “As soon as we brought my new kitty Sammy home she ran all over the place finding new wonders in her new environment. She especially loved the Wall-Walkers Cat Habitat. I think she thought she was Blessed with her very own Cat Sized gymnasium.  She would eat, play and jump around then sleep in the NAP~NET. We love Sammy. She is full of life and enjoys her own place to play. The Wall-Walkers Cat Habitat continues to bring joy to our lives everyday.”