We at Wall-Walkers Cat Habitats feel it is our responsibility to make positive change in our World.

We like “Helping Pets and People Live Better Together.”


In the world of Cat Products there are many Cat Trees made of Synthetic Carpet stuck together with Toxic Glues that could off gas Poisonous Fumes when heated in the Sun.  Synthetic Carpet also harbors Parasites, Dust Mites, Flees, Bacteria and Cat Dander causing Allergens to Fly Whenever little Kitty Touches It.


Cat Trees are a Health Problem and a BIG Concern!

At home we recycle natural elements to make compost and do other things to help the Earth. So, we chose to use recycled rubber and other eco-friendly materials with our products.


This brings us to the NEW line of Wall-Walkers products.

We use natural woods, organic cotton, hemp burlap and recycled rubber. No Plastic and No Synthetic Carpet.


Products you like that are easy-to-use, easy-to-clean and eco-friendly too are better.


We are a small company making our products in the USA.



“We make products we like to use ourselves, so we know you’ll like them too!”


Thanks to:  The Creative Team and Supporters.


The development of this product line has been a labor of love and a journey of exceptional creativity.  Designing a new, patented cat product is fun, rewarding and sometimes daunting. Through it all I was blessed to have a very good friend to work with in the beginning development process.


Natalie Alexander was there with love and support at all the right times. We worked for years tweaking the idea and functionality in order to patent this unique product.


Boyd Willat is also part of the team that helped bring this product through the patent process. His professional expertise helped it go as smooth as it could.


Kay Zaven is a very important part of the team too in that along with years of continued support and encouragement his positive outlook on the products and marketability has been a shining beacon of reality in seeing the big picture.


Now after years of failed attempts at trying to produce this product in China I have been blessed again. I am proud to say that Wall-Walkers Cat Habitats are all hand Made-in-USA. Bringing quality and affordable production back to America.


CatMan-River /


Thanks also to:

Francisco Falcon– Support and Encouragement

Keith Kampfen – Support and Encouragement

Lori Shapiro – Love, Support and Encouragement

Mark & Sarah – Support and Encouragement

Louise Clayton – Love, Support and Encouragement

Donjo Medlevine – Support and Encouragement

John Marks – Support and Encouragement

Kelly Breaux – Blessings and Encouragement

Lisa Schneiderman – Blessings and Encouragement

Meilani Hewett – Love, Support and Inspiration

Vikram Kale –  and his Commercial Crew of Pros


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